Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Thing 7 - "Completed"

I read all there was to read, as well as watched the videos. E-mail has become a functional requirement at the library. It is used to plan, execute and communicate activities with fellow staff, outside contacts, PR points, vendors, and occassionally, patrons. While we have an online website, I'm not sure how much the community relys on it, and, if we could change that if we publicized it. Our library is a small community library, so we don't have a huge volume of reference questions - most calls are to renew books, and the patrons call because they would rather do so than be online. I, personally, don't use IM at all, and rarely text - I find both intrusive. I think it's a personality thing. While I see how the libraries adapt and use instant messaging, I just don't see it being widely used here. I browsed the Webinars and didn't actually attend one as the timing is off for me. I certainly understand the value and will try to attend one in the future. I think, while the convenience is understandable, it is also easy to not find time as it doesn't seem as formal as a regular training.

Thing 6, 7 - False alarm

I'm losing track of exactly which thing I am on. So, the last thing was Thing 6 and the one before thing 5. Oops. I will edit the posts to correct the titles, but, the picture is obviously off. This does lead me to a wish for the Things.... site. I wish that when you clicked on an option that navigates you to a new site that the new site would appear in a new window. It sometimes makes it frustrating getting back to the directions, and, in an effort to save paper, I refuse to print out directions. So, I am forced to re-open the in a new window, and then try to keep track of which is which.

Thing 6 - Completed

This is quite fun. This was created on Image Chef. I will have to think on it to decide how this can be used for PR.
This is the trading card I created. Tee Hee.

Thing Five - completed

As the text read - FLKR and sites like it could be terribly time consuming. It's all so interesting! I am currently more excited about using it for home purposes - to get my collections of digital photos under some sort of control. Here at the library, it could be used in the same way - it's just making it something people actually want to look for online. I was particularily excited about the library that used FLKR and comments to have a new book shelf. I think it would be particularily cool to use that for the new YA stuff. Then, let them know it's there and see if they check it out. I see this as opening an interesting door for our teens and other young people. I have inserted my name on the blog using the spelling mashup. What fun!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Picture issue update

The picture inserted directly from the data stick is now visible, but the others are still not visible.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Picture Posting Problems

Just for jollies, I'm going to post the picture directly from the data stick and see if it behaves differently, and it isn't. There must be something I'm missing. I'll check back later.:

Thing 4 - Next Option - Creating a Flickr accout

I went ahead and created a Flickr account and posted my first picture, from summer reading last year. It is attached below. Let's see if you can see this picture (nope, must figure out):